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Choosing a car to lease is as simple as shopping for one. Simply decide on the make and model of your choice, your car's preferred colour and accessories, and the duration that you would like to drive your car for. A fixed monthly lease rate based on your lease tenure is then calculated and you only need to pay monthly for as long as your contract lasts.

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) cover

  • Liability Reduction Cover (Loss/Damage Cover)

  • Annual Vehicle Road Tax

  • Full vehicle Maintenance & servicing throughout the contract

  • 24-hour Customer Care Centre with roadside assistance service for Singapore

  • Tires, batteries and other wear & tear replacements

  • Mandatory LTA vehicle inspection costs

  • A replacement vehicle during scheduled maintenance service and repair

  • On location vehicle pick-up and exchange service applicable for all servicing, repair needs, mandatory vehicle inspections and in the event of an accident

  • Unlimited mileage usage

  • Usage in West Malaysia permitted


With the widest collections of vehicles, get your dream car today .


Not sure which solution fits your needs and budget?

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